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The Wedding Dress Project was developed as an artful way to help victims of domestic violence cope with and grow beyond their experiences; to help teens envision and engage in dialogue about what healthy relationships look like; and to help all participants learn to recognize early warning signs of domestic abuse. The project engages the community in a variety of ways, most notably through dress deconstruction workshops. Dress deconstruction workshops allow groups of teens and/or adult victims to deconstruct, re-imagine, and rebuild aspects of their emotional selves, their perceptions and self expectations through the deconstruction and reconstruction of an actual wedding dress, often seen as an icon of both the contemporary female ideology and the idea of the American wedding. Dresses and art supplies for the workshops are donated by community members. Art objects and writings resulting from the workshops are displayed publicly. Acts of donation, deconstruction and display collectively raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence and encourage community involvement in its prevention.

In addition, the Wedding Dress Project is deeply passionate about inspiring dialogue concerning gender relations and gender stereotypes. The activities of the Project endeavor to change old perceptions and expectations concerning gender roles and responsibilities, and replace them with an understanding of what it is to be an individual and to respect others as individuals. Deconstruction workshops with the LGBT community and allies of the LGBT community allow participants to be empowered through art making, giving voice to the need for social change and global acceptance, beginning with acceptance of the self.

To donate your dress or art supplies, go to the Garment Donation Page and fill out a contact form.

If your organization, support group, teen group, or shelter would like to host a dress deconstruction workshop, please e-mail Project Director and Workshop Facilitator, Cara Hagan at

Ukrainian Brides: A Complete Guide on Dating Ukrainian Beauties

Check our article to learn the tips on meeting Ukrainian brides. Learn about Ukrainian women’s character, dating culture, best dating places, and more.


Ukraine is an excellent tourist destination, with plenty of beautiful places and cultural establishments to visit. At the same time, many Western guys arrive in Ukraine primarily for dating hot, and most importantly, loyal girls. If you have no idea how to date Ukrainian women, check our Ukrainian brides review to find this out.

Why Western Men Love Ukrainian Brides?

Because Ukrainian women have a unique beauty. Their beauty is the pride of their nation and you could not even take it from them. Most of the time, they look beyond their beauty and still find time to dress well. Most of the time, this will mean wearing a sweater, but on special occasions they don t just go out and dress formally. Most importantly, they know the meaning of respect for themselves and their beauty.

Irresistible Slavic Beauty

Beauty is power, and Ukrainian women use it to the fullest. Ukrainian girls are famous for having delicate facial features and curvy bodies. Besides, they masterfully do makeup, emphasizing their magnificent blue eyes and sensual full lips. Additionally, Ukrainian society is beauty centered, and women are used to picking up their best outfits even while walking the dog or going shopping.

Also, Ukrainian women are obsessed with beauty and anti-aging treatments. They use plenty of creams, moisturizers, and balms before bed to saturate the skin with necessary nutrients. Also, many Ukrainian women bother with hair removal. Beauty routine is essential for Ukrainian girls because they believe they should always look attractive and feminine. As a result, you will notice that most girls walking along the Ukrainian streets look irresistibly beautiful, irradiating charm.

Traditional Environment

Ukraine has always been and will remain traditional for decades. According to the Pew Research Center, only 49% of Ukrainians reported that gender equality increased in their country in the last two decades. Besides, they don’t seem to bother modern women’s emancipation trends and keep following traditional gender roles.

Ukrainians believe men should be strong, assertive, brave, and ambitious. Additionally, most Ukrainians believe military service nurtures manliness in guys. Man is not a man unless he “smells the gunpowder” (a word-for-word translation of a famous Ukrainian saying). As for women, they are seen as wives and mothers in the first place. Ukrainian girls often marry in their early 20, already planning to have a baby. They are ready for domestic work from an early age. A Ukrainian woman (even a working one) does all the housework, from cooking to ironing and washing the dishes.

Also, many Ukrainian women believe they can deal with children much better than men. As a result, men don’t usually take care of the baby, unlike Western European guys (for instance, in Norway, male parenting is widely supported and appreciated).

Ukrainian Women Characteristics

Submissive and Obedient

Due to traditional upbringing, Ukrainian women believe it is okay to do what her husband says. Many Ukrainian girls seek strong, dominating partners and really want to feel weak. They dream of a mighty husband capable of protecting them from the hazards of this world.

Suppose you are financially stable and capable of maintaining a family. In that case, your Ukrainian wife will become the sweetest girl on earth, purring like the loveliest kitten and doing whatever you say without hesitation. Single Ukrainian women seek stability and comfort. If a Ukrainian girl finds comfort and coziness next to you, she won’t argue against your decisions or try to play a boss. As a result, this feature makes Ukrainian women so desirable for Western men.


Ukrainians are much more serious when it comes to relationships. There is no such thing as casual dating in Ukraine. What is more, Ukrainian people develop relationships much slower, sometimes from a friendship. While dating for several years, couples usually start thinking of marriage. Besides, when dating, Ukrainian girls don’t consider other men. On top of that, Ukrainian women always try to save the relationship and feelings, whatever happens. Due to this, these women become some of the most devoted wives.


Higher education is the top priority for Ukrainians. According to OECD (Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development) data, 62% of the Ukrainian population in the 24-35 age group received tertiary education in 2018. It is because Ukrainian higher education is much more accessible compared to the US. Universities are much cheaper and usually offer scholarships for students with high school GPA.

As a result, Ukrainian girls receive a well-rounded education. As for English, you may not find many women speaking it fluently. English is studied in schools and universities. However, due to lack of practice, Ukrainians communicate it on an elementary level, for the most part. Still, if you want to meet an English-speaking Ukrainian bride, you should aim at women with linguistic degrees. As a rule, such girls speak two or more foreign languages, including English, on an advanced level or fluently.


Ukrainian women are known for being caring wives. Young Ukrainian brides will gladly take care of their husbands when they catch a cold/have headaches/feel sick, etc. Indeed, Ukrainian women do expect their men to be strong. However, they often become overly caring when their men have any ailments. So, if you experience any condition, your Ukrainian wife will instantly pull a bunch of medicine from her bag, give you water to take the pills, wrap you into a blanket and bring hot tea.

Carefulness is what many Western men lack in relationships. On the contrary, you will always feel valued and needed with a Ukrainian bride due to her warm, caring nature.

Where to meet Russian Women?

Online Dating Sites

Online dating gives you endless opportunities for searching for partners abroad. More than 17% of all marriages result from online relationships. What is more, online dating is incredibly popular in Russia. Being mostly introverted, these people are used to communicating and meeting online. Russians use plenty of social networks and dating applications.

Russians don’t usually meet on the street. Attempting to pick up a woman passing along the Red Square will result in a polite rejection. A girl will probably say she is busy, in a hurry, or has a boyfriend.

Besides, Russian brides often use matrimonial services to find husbands (both in Russia and abroad). Therefore, online dating might become a favorable option if you aim at meeting Russian girls. You can register on one of the dating websites, complete profile information, upload photos, and browse thousands of real Russian brides. On top of that, on dating sites and specialized matrimonial platforms, you have a higher chance of meeting a woman ready to marry a Western guy and relocate.

A Journey to Russia

You might think that Russia is quite a cheap destination. Indeed, travelers spend around $350 per week. However, you will need to spend twice as much if you plan to date girls. We shall talk about dating expenses a bit later. Now, let us take a closer look at the best locations to meet single Russian brides. Sure, it is better to meet one on the web and then visit her rather than pick up a girl after arriving in Russia.

Here is the list of cities to meet hot Russian brides:

  1. Moscow. Over 12 million people live in the capital. Here, you will find more people learning and speaking English and middle-class girls who don’t mind dating foreign guys. Also, Moscow is a win-win way to get familiar with Russian culture from the inside. You can visit plenty of museums, art galleries, cathedrals. Visiting Lenin’s Tomb will save the whole vacation even if you don’t manage to pick up a girl.
  2. St Petersburg. Many Russians joke that this city’s chromatic images don’t differ much from black-and-white ones because it always rains in St Petersburg. Nevertheless, you will never get bored in this city. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, accumulating Russian cultural heritage in over 1,000 libraries, 100 museums, and hundreds of other cultural facilities.
  3. Sochi. Although this city is relatively small, it is a famous resort destination for inner Russian tourists. Located on the Black Sea coast, this city attracts more than 4 million visitors yearly. Thus, this destination will perfectly suit you if you aim to pick up hot Russian brides playing beach volleyball.

In the US?

Are there Russian brides in the US? According to the latest census, over 3 million Russians lived in the US in 2011. Assuming intense immigration from Russia, lots of people relocated to the US after 2011. Thus, you can find many Russian brides, perhaps, even a couple of miles away from your home, if you filter them on online Russian women dating sites.

Nevertheless, they might not be as feminine and submissive as girls living in Russia. Grown in the American environment, they hardly differ from the US girls. Therefore, you can find Russian girls in the US, but they might not meet your expectations, and it is better to go after ladies living in Russia.